Dark & Lovely

"Get Away" {Short Film}

written/starring Drea Love

directed by J.Sutherland 



Hello I’m Shanice && This is a video about me :)

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Every Day Makeup Tutorial 

 Choreography: @itsbankhead 

Dancers: @keniicole @diddi_e @bryaaaa @heather_lb @kikiely @kendrenichole @honeybits @nienie1love @fierceninja @_seaera_ @chiripsthestage  


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Make-up Tutorial

Eyebrow Tutorial #3

Eyebrow Tutorial #2

Eyebrow Tutorial #1

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Kenitia Coleman 21 ATL

If you don’t know about sleek makeup, you should! SUPER pigmented colors that are great for darker skin tones *-*

What I think girls of color should know about drug store makeup! 

all my beautiful black ladies should check out my new beauty channel! I’ll be doing tutorials, reviews and howto specifically catered to US ;D 

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Aunt Vivians Dance Audition - Fresh Prince of Bel Air