Dark & Lovely
as a white girl this blog def makes me jealous, I always thought dark skinned girls were the most beautiful. this blog is great!! :-)

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Love this blog so much.

Thanks for the support x

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Thank you for making this blog. I have had self esteem struggles in the past just from a bunch of different things, like an uncle joking telling me to "stay out of the sun" (which I don't consider funny), but I'm still working on the confidence thing. It's just nice to appreciate the beauty that all women have no matter what skin tone.

With the existence of beautiful dark skin women and blogs, magazines and websites like our own showcasing dark skin tones in a positive light comments like your uncles will become less common.

You working on becoming more confident is good to know, also don’t ever feel like your not confident enough, growing into a more confident person is a process that even people who seem very confident still go through.

Besides appreciating our blog and the ladies here, start appreciating yourself physically and mentally for who you are and the goals you have set yourself to achieve that will help you to build your self-esteem in time.

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Can I say, I really love this blog!!

Thank you!

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thank you guys for making this page i love yall

Thank you for the support!

asked by blkwave
So last week I told this boy who liked me that I thought we should be friends. He answers by having his friend tell me that I'm too dark to be acting light skinned. Now mind you i know that having a darker skin tone is not bad ever because I love dark brown skin,and I'm just brown skinned, but in his context I know he meant in a negative way, plus I really don't know how light skinned people act... Idk what to do confront him or ignore the stupidity.

By the way you even worded the question, I think you already have your answer. “Ignore his stupidity” 

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How do youn maintain kinky hair with a weave on?

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This is not a question. I was never happy with my skin colour, I always felt different from other people but this page made me realize that being dark skinned is properly the best thing. Africans are blessed with beautiful bodies & colour.

Confidence is key, don’t stop working on loving who you are and being confident with who you are.

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Hey is there a blog like where dudes can submit pic? I'm tryna share my face to some ladies lol

asked by yungxprophet
It's their loss that they limit themselves to such a small group of women. I'm mixed, and I think I'm pretty awesome. Not because I'm mixed, but because of my personality. Guys could be overlooking a beautiful, dark skinned women with a heart of gold, because their prejudices tunnel their vision. But if you are around a guy or seeing a guy who says stuff like that, then you don't need him. You are better off without him.

asked by lotusflowerbomber
As for the light skin dark skin thing, if he can't love you for the dark skin beauty you are…He simply isn't worth your time.

asked by purelyluv
This page makes me feel great about being dark skin, knowing that there are beautiful dark skin women everywhere. I just wish everyone else would know that where I live. People around here think that dark skin girls are lower than low. Kind of kills my self esteem. 😞

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Most of the time I’m pretty confident about my skin tone, like I will just love it to pieces and think it’s so sexy. But sometimes, it does get to me when guys state how they light skinned or mixed raced girls are better. Recently a guy I was really into said I was very pretty but thinks mixed raced girls are better and is currently going out with a gorgeous mixed race girl. I’m annoyed that sometimes I’m bothered by this. Advice?

I love your blog so much because it glorifies all the beautiful dark skin out there. Thank you so much 🙏

Thank you 

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I think it's time for us black men to start uplifting our sisters and show them that they're more than just pieces of body. You're our sisters and without y'all to support and uplift us also, we can't do shit. So my beautiful sister, I want to tell you that you're the most beautiful woman on earth. If no other man on earth tells you, tell them I said it first. The black woman is our rock, our support, our foundation, not our bed wench. So out of love sister, I say to you, RISE UP!

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