"Today I was told I was dark as shit. I was sitting at the lunch table and this boy took my phone. He looked at my locked screen and it was Justin Bieber then he told me if me and Justin Bieber ever had babies they would be all different colors.

Then he was like cus your dark as shit! I was in shock at how ignorant what he just said was. I tried to hold my head high but when I got home I broke down and cried. I already suffer from depression because of my skin tone & now it’s worse. I feel like giving up right now.”

After reading this message it’s clear you already have strength and you need to continue holding your head up high.

Don’t feel like you are weak because you cried, crying is a healer a lot of the time. It’s a release of your emotions which is healthy.

The guy is ignorant as you said, and a bully. He shouldn’t be a reason to make you feel down about yourself, when you have many reasons to feel proud of your skin tone and who your are as a person.

Don’t give up, will one day look back at this incident as something that made your stronger as a person.

Speaking with someone close to you might be a good idea, someone who you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with.

If any fuckyeahdarkgirls! followers have any motivational words for this strong young lady, please share with us…

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