Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you promote my blog ?

  • Yes, you can add the link to your blog when you submit your photo

2. How do I feature on the blog?

  • Click the ‘Send Your Picture’ link under the sidebar picture on the left hand side of the blog
  • Then upload your picture!
3. Can you put my picture on your blog?
  • Refer to question 2.

4. How long does it take for my submission to be posted ?

  • There’s always someone to post submissions everyday, however it can take between 12 hours to 1 second.

5. Why wasn’t my picture posted ?

If your picture is posted it’s due to one or more of the following:

  • picture was too small (e.g. not 500px or wider)
  • picture was not of high quality (e.g. blurry)
  • picture was submitted before
  • user has spammed the same picture over and over (please try not to do this, it makes the submissions very hard to go through -_- )

6. I can’t add my video or my quotes/thoughts or poems, help?

  • Click on the ‘Send your picture’ link on the naviagation on the blog, then follow the instructions on how to add your contribution.

7. Why is your blog dedicated to just black girls? I think the concept of this blog is racist…

8. Why is the blog called fuckyeahdarkgirls? I find it derogatory and an insult to dark skin women/black women…

  • This blog was created to cause (positive) impact, and the name is in no way intended to cause or implicate offence to any race.
  • The blogging platform tumblr is synonymous for having blogs display a theme or topic with the title being “fuckyeah(topic-title)” to emphasise the admiration of that topic in question.
  • If you have a quick tumblr search, you’ll find that most topics (celebrities, food, interests  sports etc..) already have a “fuckyeah” So when fuckyeahdarkgirls was created, the creator was shocked to find that the URL/Title was available, this further showed the need for such a blog.
  • Also with the wide use of the term “fuckyeah” in the blogging world, we found that we could reach a wider audience fast.
  • We understand that not everyone is “down” with new age slang/terms so we’re always open to other views. Occasionally we will take a vote from our fans to see if they would prefer a name change. You can message us any time with your thoughts on this.
  • See: other definitions of the term “fuckyeah”

9. Can you follow my blog?

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